Sand Plant

We are one of the leading Manufacturers, and exporters manufacturing only the superior quality of sand by using the quality good raw materials with our qualified engineers, used for processing the different grades of sand.

1.Green sand preparation capacity Sand Muller (40 MT / hour).
2. Sand return sytem with efficient equipment like Magnetic separator, Sand screen, Sand cooler and Bucket elevator, Belt conveyors with magnetic head pulley for removing minute metal chip from return sand & water sprinkles system to decrease return sand temperature.
3. Larger conveying system to convey the material on time.
4. Modern Dust collector system for dust free plant.


Moulding process is to convert from raw sand plant into shaping liquid, then it take place small casting in small moulding machines with automatic drop - plate moulding machine.

1.2 Pairs of ARPA 300 simultaneous Jolt & Squeeze machines.
2.Semi - automatic sand plant of 100 Ton Capacity.

Moulding Process - Veesaa, Coimbatore


There are a variety of melting process used in foundry for melt the castings. During melting the iron (in Fahrenheit), which is monitor by Computerised System, in this process we will save our Energy Level to get the good Outcome of the raw materials.

Medium Frequency 1000KW with 1 Ton crucible capacity

Inductotherm 1Ton Crucible capacity

Temperature analyzer of Molten metal

Temperature Analyzer

Monorail system for metal pouring

Monorail metal pouring system


In-house facility for undertaking the Mounting of patterns followed by methoding and rework wherever required.
We produce exacting precise patterns with ISO 9001 quality standards and tolerances specified by your engineering drawings. We manufacture new patterns in different ranges in size from small parts with multiple impressions mounted on cope and drag boards all the way.
Patterns are constructed with high quality materials, such as high - quality hardwoods and epoxy resins.
Our pattern shops are skilled and experienced with all of our tradesmen.

Patternshop - Veesaa Foundry, Coimbatore


Core Shop is an important process to make the suitable shapes. The Choice of Core Making is depends on the metal to be casting, size of the casting, quality of the casting and equipment that, we used for the production and Energy Source.

1.2nos Cold Box Core Shooter of 5kgs and 10kgs
2.Co2 and air set core making facilities
3.Heating Oven for Core Baking
4.2nos * 250kgs core sand mixer

Cold box core shooter

Cold box core shooter

Cold box core shooter

Cold box core shooter

Coreshop - overview

Coreshop - Overview

Cores - valve

Cores - Valve

Coreshop - pumps

Cores - Pumps


It involves the removal of core, materials from specific areas and any of unnecessary projections on the surface of the castings.

1. We have the Competence for all Fettling Operations like Cutting, Swing Frame Grinding, Finish Grinding and Shot Blasting.
2. Repair Welding requirements are carry out with our Qualified Welders with documented Procedure.

Fettling Process - Veesaa Foundry, Coimbatore
Fettling Process - Veesaa Foundry, Coimbatore
Fettling Process - Veesaa Foundry, Coimbatore
Fettling Process - Veesaa Foundry, Coimbatore

Fettling Process - Veesaa Foundry, Coimbatore


We have a modern In-house testing laboratory for various stages of production.

2.Sieve Shaker with Sieve Test
3.Online Carbon Silicon Analyser
4.Compatibility Tester
5.Brinells Hardness Tester
6.Core Hardness Tester
7.Mould Hardness Tester.

Test by Laboratory Method - Veesaa Foundry, Coimbatore
Hardness tester

Hardness Tester

INFRA - Weighing scale

Weighing Scale Machine

KELSON - Sand siever

KELSONS - Sand siever


There are various types of machines like VMC Jyoti, CNC and Grinding machines are used for suitable process and will get a good production with saving energy levels too.

VMC Jyoti 850 - Veesaa


CNC - LMW LL15T L3 - 1 - Veesaa

CNC - LMW LL15T L3 - 1

CNC - LMW LL15T L3 - 2 - Veesaa

CNC - LMW LL15T L3 - 2

CNC - PILATUS 20T - Veesaa

CNC - LMW LL20T L5 - 1

CNC - PILATUS 20T - Veesaa

CNC - LMW LL20T L5 - 1